My 12 years with Adobe Illustrator (Part 2)

As you know about my experience with Adobe Illustrator from version 9 to version CS4, I’ll start talking about now CS5 and up.

Adobe Illustrator CS5

When CS5 was released, I did not get much opportunity to use it. I was working as Graphic/Web Designer where I mainly focused on the web. I mostly used Photoshop and missed using Illustrator. Sigh!! Although, I would have still preferred using Illustrator and given my reasoning how vector images would be better than raster images. But it was shot down and a good thing it was. Illustrator was not meant to export assets for Web 2.0 where even tiny image of 10kb could make a difference. And I became a Photoshop ninja or a champion or a gladiator whatever the word is used these days (Photoshop story is another article for itself!).

Adobe Illustrator CS6

Then came CS6 with huge interface change. 64-bit memory support, Image Trace. I went back to college in 2013 to learn more about Digital Design where I heavily used Illustrator to create flows, prototypes and high fidelity mocks for my assignments. Yes. My focus now changed from how to set bleed and crop marks, talking to printers, to saying digital jargons like assets, iOS, Android. I had fun with Illustrator. It felt that 2 long lost friends met after a long long time.

Adobe Illustrator CC 2014

But as I started working as a UI/UX Designer, I felt that now Adobe Illustrator had lot of features but things I needed to create were missing. I realized that Illustrator CC up till 2014 version did not have proper asset exporting system for the UI Designers. Even when creating wireframes, I had some trouble trying to align objects. It was too bulky to use. I was not even using all the features which it provided and had to shift to other softwares (specifically for UI and UX) to make my work a little faster and seamless. But I still used it to make icons, illustrations and some lettering projects ( BTW I love lettering!).

Adobe Illustrator CC 2015

I went on my maternity leave for a year where whenever I got a chance, I used Illustrator to keep myself updated and to do some of my own projects like lettering or creating Illustrations. My God I just loved it!

Adobe Illustrator CC 2017

When I came back from my leave, CC 2017 was released and boy I am loving it! The new way to export assets, easy access to different templates, shaper tool. It is just fun. I am still doing my UI and UX projects in another software but I still use Illustrator and whatever happens I am never leaving this amazing software!

Hope Adobe Illustrator team keeps doing awesome stuff.

Thanks for reading!